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Trilogy is Complete

The lightning came for me the night I ran from home. Now, centuries later, I must face what I've become.

The odds are stacked against me and the Infernal Council wants me gone.

Can I become what I was born to be or will surprising threats defeat me?

With a squirrel shifter, vampire, panther gargoyle, brownie, and archangel at my side, anything is possible. 

Infernal Council is a fast burn reverse harem romance with mature language, m/m, and told from multiple POVs. It is a spinoff from my Celestial Academy series but can be read as a standalone series.


Infernal Council: The Complete Series omnibus includes:

  • Infuse 

  • Defuse

  • Transfuse

  • Refuse 


Refuse is a 12,000 word short novella that takes place about a year after the conclusion of the trilogy.

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