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Celestial Academy

Series is complete.
What consequence does Lucifer give his daughter?

My friends always complained about their parents' rules and consequences. Well, I have them beat. I'm the daughter of the devil and was just expelled from my senior year of high school for breaking a guy's nose.

Did Lucifer torture my soul?

Did he condemn me to the fiery pits of Hell?

None of the above.

He sent me to Celestial Academy, where college-aged angels go to learn to be guardians. The only problem is I don't have wings, and I'm certainly no saint.

Being Lucifer's daughter in a school full of angels is no walk in the park. I'd much rather be tortured in Hell. That is until I meet three men that make me feel like anything is possible. Why choose when I can have them all?

  • Fast burn, reverse harem over 18

  • M/M scenes

  • Multiple POVs

  • Light academy bully

  • Teacher student romance

Ascend is also available on Audible.

Also available as a boxset

Complete trilogy Ascend, Descend, Transcend.

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